Why Edcomasia ?

You probably think you can find a teaching job overseas by yourself, but there are also a number of reasons why you should contact Edcomasia.

Free Service . . . You don’t pay a single penny.

For teachers our services are FREE! We are paid by the school/institution and will never ask you for a single penny.  Furthermore, we do all the work of finding that position for you, at no cost to you, so why would you consider anything else when you can just sit back and let us help you.

Native English speakers . . . we know the marketplace.

Ever heard of something being lost in translation?  And believe us it happens, as such we have a better idea of where you are coming from and know your needs.  Yes, we have been in your shoes before, and are actually still very much involved inside the classroom.  We know what you are looking for and know all the pitfalls and potential problems and how to get you around them, as we have many years of living and working experience in Asia.  We work within the ESL job market on a daily basis.  Combined with our experience, we know what a good contract is, what meets the labor laws and what doesn't, plus much more.  So as native English speakers, it is our aim of making other English native speakers experience a most excellent one.

Speed . . . time is of the essence

Want to know about something about teaching in Asia, then ask.  Because of our and our partners long experience in Asia, we have the ability to deal with all the questions and other obstacles that you would normally experience trying to find that teaching job on your own.  We deal with all enquiries within 24 hours.   

School Relationships . . . you don’t waste time.

Why waste time contacting schools yourself?  We already have the established relationships with the various schools/institutions.  Yes, some jobs can be found by word of mouth from friends or colleagues, but you will never really hear about the better jobs, as these come to us and will never be put on a job board. So when you choose us, you will have many more opportunities open to you.

Confidentiality . . . we strongly believe in this.

Are you concerned about the confidentiality of your personal details?   Well you should be, and it is also one of our top priorities as we respect an individual’s rights.  As such, we will never publicise your details without your written authorization beforehand. 

 We want you to have a most rewarding teaching and life experience in Asia, and we aim to help you have it !!

Remember our services are FREE for you !!

About Edcomasia


Edcomasia Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a launching pad for teaching professionals seeking opportunities abroad in Asia. Edcomasia works in dynamic countries within the East Asian region that have a need for English language skills. With partnerships and established relationships with accredited schools in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam, Edcomasia is a supportive and professional recruiting agency catering to supporting educators. Furthermore, our management is made up of native English speakers who have many years of teaching and consulting experience.

Edcomasia a great space to launch your international career in education. Teaching English abroad with prestigious and respected education institutions are what Edcomasia is primarily concerned with. Supporting English language skills across East Asia through recruiting exceptional and professional teachers is the role our company aims to fill in enhancing livelihoods and promoting education in this region.

So with our expertise, we are able to help people who are either experienced, or have just graduated and looking for that first job to find a new and most exciting teaching experience.

The Pillars of Edcomasia 

  • Provide Employment.

  • Find the Right Fit for You.

  • Cultural Enrichment.

  • Cross Cultural Relations.

  • Receive Teachers' Feedback for Prospective Applicants.

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